Advocating for Full Decriminalisation of Sex Work in Victoria



The Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2021 will not be debated in the Upper House this year. 


The Bill has passed the Legislative Assembly (Lower House), and was expected to be debated and passed in the Legislative Council (Upper House) before the end of 2021. The Bill currently states that Stage 1 of the reforms is due to commence on or before 1st March 2022. 


Vixen Collective and Scarlet Alliance are deeply concerned that this delay to the passage of the Bill could lead to the implementation of decriminalisation being delayed in 2022. 


The Victorian Government has committed to decriminalising sex work in Victoria and to pursue passing of this Bill in 2022. It is crucial that the government make good on this commitment and ensure there are no delays to these vital reforms. 


Sex workers in Victoria have been waiting for decriminalisation for decades. We simply cannot afford to wait any longer. 


Victoria’s current sex work laws are discriminatory, dangerous, and are causing immense harm to our sex worker community on a daily basis. Licensing and criminalisation in Victoria forces sex workers to make decisions based on the harmful and stigmatising requirements of the licensing system, rather than our health and safety. The laws bring us into oppositional contact with police, produce immense barriers to justice, and health and other key services. They force sex workers to choose between navigating an impossible system, or working outside the law. They do not support our workplace health and safety and human rights. 


Full decriminalisation of all forms of sex work is the only way to support the health, wellbeing and rights of sex workers, and we need it now! 




Sex workers and our supporters, now is the time to let the government know how urgent full decriminalisation is for our community! You can do this by contacting your local Labor or cross-bench MP and telling them why sex workers can’t afford to wait any longer for the laws we deserve!


1. Search!  Head to the VIC Parliament website and search for your local Labor and crossbench MPs. Write down their details: email, twitter handle, and phone number. If your local MP is a member of the Liberal Party or the Nationals Party, you don’t need to contact them.


2. Email!  Let your MP know that you are a sex worker or a supporter and a member of their electorate, and tell them why you support full decrim with no delay in 2022! 

3. Tweet!  @[yourlocalMP] and let them know that VIC sex workers can’t wait any longer for full decriminalisation of our work

4. Call!  If you don’t talk to a person, try again. If you need to you can leave a voicemail.

5. Spread the word! Share this call to action and the details of your MP with your local network of sex worker allies.


Here is what you should let your MP know:


  •  Full decriminalisation is necessary for sex workers’ health, safety, wellbeing and rights. Victorian sex workers have been subject to discriminatory laws for too long. These reforms are urgently needed

  • As a member of their electorate, you are urging your member to push for these long overdue changes. Full decriminalisation of sex work is a priority.  

  • The Bill must pass with amendments that sex workers are calling for to ensure that no sex workers are left behind.